Who is Peruna?

Peruna is the official mascot for SMU …

Who is Peruna? Peruna, a black Shetland pony is the official mascot for the Southern Methodist University Mustangs (Dallas, TX). Peruna debuted in 1932, and since then a black Shetland pony named Peruna, has been at every SMU football game. So far, 8 mascots have represented SMU…6 stallions and 2 mares. When choosing a “Peruna” one of the criteria is that the pony must embody the SMU spirit and his Shetland pony heart must be as strong as a mustang’s.

Peruna is named after a medicine that passed for a cocktail in the dark days of Prohibition. The tonic, like the pony, promised to give you “a little kick”, featuring an alcohol content between 18 and 28 percent. Rumor has it that Peruna, past and present has been hell to control. As they say, small but mighty!!! Currently, this cutie is Peruna IX (2011 to present). Peruna IX was groomed for the job since his selection as a colt.

All I have to say is … “he is adorable and was on his best behavior when I met him! I want one!!!!

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Good Luck To the Mustangs!!! Pony Up!





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