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Follow us to see where we are going and shop the new products we are launching ~ Equestrian Style in Argentina

Our first stop … Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza [men’dosa] is the capital of the province of Mendoza in Argentina. It is located on the eastern side of the Andes and settled in the crest of hilly terrain. We are staying at the Intercontinental ~ great rooms, amazing breakfast and a convenient location. Mendoza is famous for its wine, specifically Malbec, steak and beautiful landscape.

It’s the beginning of the winter season and very refreshing since it is currently extremely hot back in Texas. This is the perfect place to launch our “gypsy soul hippie heart unicorn spirit” long sleeve slub tee. It’s cool this morning so the slub tee with leggings and boots are ideal for all of the walking, drinking and eating that a winery tour entails. What says Equestrian Style in Argentina better than “gypsy soul, hippie heart and unicorn spirit”. This design speaks Argentinian vibes.

Wine Tours …

We left our hotel at 8:45 am with reservations for Andeluna, Bousquet and a pairing lunch at La Azul. You should make winery reservations and hire a driver, as well as a translator unless you speak fluent Spanish.

Andeluna Winery …

Here we are at the Andeluna Winery. The property is absolutely gorgeous.  Before the wine tasting they explain the  process of growing the grapes for the various wines.

Meet Sergio. Sergio is our driver while we are in Mendoza and he did an amazing job planning our wine tour. And, No he’s not really drinking wine he’s our driver. Haha! 

Domaine Bousquet Winery …

Domaine Bousquet. A serene piece of property. They produce organic wine with a French touch. The Bousquet Family moved from France to Mendoza after discovering the unique characteristics of the Tupungato region. Bousquet is one of the higher altitude vineyards of Mendoza and the world. The tour begins in the vineyards then to the winery facility (pictured above) ending with a wine tasting in the wine cellar surrounded by oak barrels of wine. We tasted an incredible ice wine. Currently sold out and only available during wine tastings. Looking forward to their next release.

Argentina Malbec Wine
La Azul Winery …

Last winery for the day. Lunch & Wine Tasting at Bodega La Azul in the Uco Valley. La Azul is a boutique winery specializing in traditional Argentinian papilla and offers a 5-course meal paired with their own wines. The winemaker/owner himself serves your lunch and escorts you on the wine tour (pictured above). He is the most humble, charming Argentinian I have met. Next to Sergio, of course!

Lunch at La Azul takes place in a rustic outdoor dining room, surrounded by fields of flowers, a view of the Andes mountains and the resident adorable dog watching and waiting from afar. The food and wine is Fabulous!!! After lunch you are invited into the wine production facility where you taste the wine right out of the barrel. Perfection!

A New Day …

Woke up to a beautiful view of Mendoza at the Intercontinental. Today we are relaxing and touring the city, but first coffee.

A Few of our Favorite Things …

We are loving the Alfajores and everything Dulce de Leche. Alfajores are a speciality cookie of South America. Dulce de Leche is a combination of milk and sugar that has been slowly cooked until the sugars caramelize, producing a thick, creamy, intensely flavored spread. In Argentina, Dulce de Leche is used for everything such as coffee drinks (shown above), as an ice cream topping, a dip for fresh fruits, or the filling in alfajore cookies.

In addition to Malbec Wine, Alfajores and everything Dulce de Leche, we are obsessed with Empanadas. An empanada is a stuffed pastry baked or fried and filled with anything from meat to fruit. In Argentina empanadas are often served during parties and festivals as a starter or main course.

Let’s Ride …

Yes to horseback riding in Argentina, which can be a half day or full day option! We leave you with this wild stallion that is protecting his herd ~ the perfect ending to our time in Mendoza. It’s a wild, wonderful world … Ride Your Horse, Wear Cute Clothes and Travel the World! Let us know where your Horsey Couture takes you.

~ xoxo


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