Blonde Inspiration …


Growing up I dreamed of owning a Palomino Horse and naming it Peanut ~ oh my!  But seriously this pony is GORGEOUS! Our Blonde Inspiration comes from this Palomino Horse. A Palomino’s coloring is so in style with todays clean, classic, sophisticated and simplistic look. And that mane ~ is perfection. PC goes to “Lets Go For a Hike” and gave us inspiration for todays look … this shoe style is the current rave but with a slightly smaller heel, (3-1/2″) it’s great for running errands and long days of shopping. Love this dress and it’s currently on sale ~ Yea!! Add a little sparkle and you’re done. Oh, don’t forget your lips ~ MAC Myth is our current go to. Have a fabulous weekend! If you ride a Palomino Horse we would LOVE to see your pictures. xoxo!

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